How Much Can I Get For My Car At A Wrecker In WA?

Posted on 27th, Feb 24

Maximizing the cash for your car can be a challenge given the various options available these days. Choosing a car wrecker such as Perth Car Buyer provides a straightforward method to secure the best cash for your wrecked car.

Selling to a car wrecker is a popular option because they typically offer better prices for older or damaged cars compared to car dealers or private buyers online. In our blog, we outline the factors affecting the value of our car and how much you can expect to get at a typical wrecker in Perth, Western Australia.

Cash in hand at a wrecker

How Much Cash Can I get For My Vehicle?

You can expect to get between $200 and $14999 depending on the type of vehicle you are selling:

  • Cars: $200 to $6,999
  • Vans, Buses & 4WDs: $250 to $9,999
  • Trucks: $450 to $14,999


The above figures are only estimates and actual prices may vary based on a number of factors outlined below. For a comprehensive quote call us on: 0418 532 275

Factors That Affect Car Value

Car Condition And Age 

The overall condition of your car is a key factor in deciding its value. A newer car in good working order with minimal damage will generally get a higher price. On the other hand, if it’s older and severely damaged or written off, the cash paid may be lower. The condition of both the interior and exterior of the car is taken into consideration.

However, when selling to a wrecker, the condition is not as important as when selling to car dealers or private buyers, so you can still get a reasonable price.

Make, Model, and Year

The make, model, and year model significantly impact your vehicle’s worth. Popular or out of production models with high demand for used parts generally sell for higher amounts to wreckers.

Scrap Metal Price

The market price for scrap metal directly affects the payout for your scrap car. Higher scrap metal prices mean more money for your vehicle.

Scrap Metal Weight

Heavier vehicles such as trucks and buses contain more scrap metal, which can be recycled and contributes to the scrap metal value of your vehicle.

Get More Cash For Your Car From Our Buying Team

Unlike car dealers and private buyers, we don’t just buy newer vehicles, we’re happy to accept older vehicles in any condition and give you a fair price. We focus on delivering a fair and competitive quote, considering all aspects of your vehicle to give you the most cash possible.

When it comes to older cars, abandoned cars or damaged cars we’ll guarantee a higher cash price! Simply call us on: 0418 532 275 or fill out our online form above for a quote.


How can I sell my old car in WA?
When you reach out to a reputable car wrecker such as Perth Car Buyer you’ll get an immediate quote for your old car. Upon accepting the quote, we’ll take care of all the paperwork and schedule a convenient time to remove your car. Once your car is taken away you will receive cash in hand or payment through your preferred method for your vehicle.

How long does it take to get cash for my car In Perth? 

Upon calling us for a quote, you can get your car or vehicle collected and cash in hand on the same day or within 24 hours.

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