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    Perth Car Buyer is the cash for car service that people go to when others have failed to pay a fair price for their car in Osborne Park. That’s because we always pay competitive prices, with no need to negotiate. We’re happy to offer our best price upfront.

    We provide free car removal services with instant cash payments or bank transfers for vehicles of all makes and models. Our towing services ensure that unwanted vehicles are removed from a variety of locations including homes, businesses and even from the side of the street on time and at no cost to you.

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    Why Osborne Park Customers Choose Us

    Discover why choosing us is your ticket to a rewarding car selling experience:

    Environmentally Friendly Car Recycling

    Our dedicated team specializes in environmentally friendly car wrecking. We are experts in recycling and recovering scrap metal and parts from your car, allowing us to provide competitive cash offers for old or wrecked cars, regardless of their condition.

    Instant Quotes & Same-Day Removal

    We are committed to speed with our  instant quotes and same-day removal system. Give us a call today for a free quote and avoid the stress of trying to sell your car on your own on the private market!

    Highest Cash Payouts

    We are the local experts in car valuation, so we are confident that we can offer the best cash payout for your old car or vehicle. Where others may see just an old car, we recognize the hidden value it holds in its spare part and scrap metal.

    Full Service, Less Worries

    Our Cash for Cars service covers all bases. We take car of everything from car valuation to car removal, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

    Pro Car Buying Team In Osborne Park

    Our passionate and experienced car buying team goes beyond just valuing cars. We specialize in evaluating a wide range of vehicles, including trucks, utes, 4x4s, vans and buses. To us it doesn’t matter if it’s damaged, non-running, rusted or new, our team is committed to offering fair and competitive quotes.


    How much cash can I get for my car in Osborne Park?

    The valuation depends on factors such as make, model, condition, registration, and type. Here’s what you can expect:

    Should I sell my old car?

    In making this choice, take into account aspects such as the availability and expense of spare parts, your vehicle’s age, and safety concerns from any damage incurred. If repair expenses surpass 50-70% of the car’s overall value, it is classified as a write-off. In this case, selling it, rather than repairing it, is the right choice to avoid excessive repair costs.

    Can I sell my car without an RWC?

    Absolutely! Whether your car has an RWC or not, we are happy to buy it for a competitive cash deal.

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    Ready to sell your car in Osborne Park? Contact us for your free quote or to learn more about our cash for cars services. Call us directly at 0418 532 275 or fill out our online contact form. Experience the difference with Perth Car Buyer – your trusted partner in Osborne Park!

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