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    When it comes to cash for cars services in WA, Perth Car Buyer is your trusted car buying partner. Unlike other services, we’ll happily take written-off cars or cars in any condition for a reasonable price.

    We set the gold standard when it comes to cash for car services, not only do we offer friendly customer service, we use a comprehensive car valuation approach to ensure you receive the maximum cash possible for your written-off car.

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    Sell your written off car for up to $9999

    Why Choose Cash For Car Buyer Perth?

    Maximize Cash Returns For Your Write Off Car 

    Unlike conventional dealerships or private buyers, we are not picky when it comes to the condition or year model. We’ll offer the best deal for your written-off car, even if your vehicle is in poor condition or non-running. You could benefit from up to $9,999 in cash on top of free car removal, so you can keep more cash in your pocket.

    Local Perth Car Buying Team

    Our car buying team specialises in evaluating a wide variety of cars, including those declared as write-offs. We won’t use the condition of your car as an excuse to give you less, whether your car is damaged or new, our team will provide a fair and competitive quote. You can count on our expert team for fair quotes and quick service.

    Don’t Fix Your Car: Sell Now 
    Skip the hassle of racking up additional expenses to fix up your old car to make it presentable enough to sell. We will buy your car as is and pay you top dollar for it, a nice-looking car is not as important to us one with plenty of working parts that we can resell.

    We Buy Cars Of All Conditions

    Our team purchases cars, vans and trucks in all conditions, offering a good cash deal either way. We offer cash for:

    Perth Cash For Written Off Car Service Areas

    Our cash for cars service covers the whole of Perth. Wherever you are located, we come to you. It’s never been easier to sell your car for cash. We offer free car removal in all  Perth Suburbs:


    How do I know if my car is a write-off?

    After an accident, the insurance company will evaluate the damage. Factors like spare part availability, cost, vehicle age, and safety implications are considered. If repair costs reach 50% to 70% or more of the vehicle’s total value, it’s typically categorised as a write-off.

    What happens if my car is classified as a write-off?

    When a car is classified as write-off, the insurance company will issue a cash payout to the owner. The details of the payout depend on the insurance policy, with the insurer usually selling the written-off vehicle at auction or to a cash-for-cars company.

    Can I repair my written-off car?

    In Perth, once a vehicle is recorded as a ‘repairable write off’, it can be repaired and re-licensed once a vehicle safety and vehicle identity are conducted according to the WA Department of Transport.

    If the car is classified as a ‘statutory write off’ it cannot be repaired.

    Can I sell my repairable write off?

    In Western Australia it’s legal to sell repairable write-offs as long they pass a safety inspection and a Written-Off Vehicle Inspection (WOVI) from an authorised service.

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