A Guide To Selling Your Car At Manhiem And Pickles

Posted on 19th, Jun 24

Selling a car through auction houses like Pickles and Manheim can be an effective way to reach a broad audience and potentially secure a good price. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use these platforms to sell your car.

Pickles and Manheim auction

Selling Your Car with Pickles Auction

1. Registration and Inspection:

–  First, create an account on the Pickles website.

– Utilize Pickles’ DIYinspect tool for a preliminary inspection, or arrange for a professional inspection through their services. Accurate details about the car’s condition help attract serious buyers.

2. Listing Your Vehicle:

– Fill out the necessary details about your car, including make, model, year, mileage, and any additional features.

– Provide high-quality images from various angles, including the interior and exterior, to give potential buyers a clear view of the car’s condition.

3. Choose the Auction Type:

– PicklesLIVE: Participate in live auctions, either on-site or online, where buyers bid in real-time.

– PicklesONLINE: List your car in online-only auctions that run for a specified period, allowing buyers to place bids at their convenience.

4. Auction Process:

– Set a Reserve Price: Determine a minimum acceptable price to ensure the car doesn’t sell for less than its value.

– Monitor Bids: Track the auction progress and be ready to finalize the sale once the auction ends.

5. Finalise the Sale:

– Complete Paperwork: Handle the necessary documentation, including transfer of ownership and any required legal forms.

– Payment: Once the sale is finalised, Pickles facilitates the payment process, ensuring you receive the proceeds promptly.

Auction Types And Sale Conditions

Pickles Auctions offers a variety of ways to sell your car at auction including: Fixed Price, Public, Prestige, or Online auctions. For vehicles less than 8 years old or with finance owing, sellers can fill out a Vehicle Assessment form for a valuation within 72 hours. Older vehicles require an inspection at Pickles Auctions’ Belmore location on specific days.

Pickles guarantees no hidden fees and aims for a quick sale (average 15 days), provides low and high market estimates, and sets a reserve price agreed upon with the seller.

They handle finance payouts and require proof of ownership and roadworthiness certification (Pink or Blue Slip for NSW).

They do not accept written-off or water-affected vehicles and have stringent requirements for imported vehicles, including documentation like import approvals and engineer reports.

Selling Your Car with Manheim

1. Account Setup

– Create an account on the Manheim website to get started.

– Provide comprehensive details about your car, including condition, history, and any unique features.

2. Vehicle Preparation:

– Manheim offers detailed condition reports, including high-resolution images and specific damage details. These reports are essential for attracting serious buyers.

– Take advantage of Manheim’s reconditioning services, such as detailing and minor repairs, to enhance your car’s appeal.

3. Listing and Auction:

– Decide whether to list your car in physical auction locations, Manheim.com online auctions, or Manheim Express for dealer-to-dealer transactions.

– Utilize Manheim’s simulcast feature to reach both in-lane and online buyers simultaneously, increasing exposure.

4. Marketing and Selling:

– Manheim provides tools to create run lists and advertise your vehicle to millions of potential buyers.

– Monitor the bidding process through Manheim’s platform and be prepared to finalize the sale when the auction concludes.

5. Post-Sale Process:

– Complete the necessary legal paperwork and receive payment through Manheim’s secure financial services.

– Manage the sale details, including reporting and payment tracking, through Manheim’s online platform.

Car Sale Options


Sell My Car is a convenient and easy car-buying service. Our website provides an instant car valuation and the ability to book a conveniently timed appointment at a local branch. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent and convenient service. “Sell My Car options may vary”

Sellmycar.com.au is owned by Sell My Car Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manheim Pty Ltd.

Sell your car at Auction

Our competitive car auctions allow us to maximize the selling price of your car. Manheim provides exposure to thousands of buyers across Australia via our online and physical auctions. Auction fees apply.

Restrictions may apply, please check with your local site.

Pros and Cons Of Selling At Auction According To Customers

Many customers have used Manheim and Pickles to buy and sell cars, we’ve collected their key insights below:


Wide Buyer Pool: Auction sites attract a larger audience, potentially increasing the chance of finding a buyer, especially for unique or desirable vehicles.

Quick Process: Auctions typically conclude within a week, providing a faster turnaround compared to private sales, which can involve prolonged negotiations and dealing with  timewasters.

No-Reserve Option: No-reserve auctions can generate excitement among bidders, potentially leading to competitive offers and achieving market value or more.

Reduced Hassle: Avoids dealing with tire kickers, low-ball offers, and time-wasting inquiries common in private sales.


Lower Value for Average Cars: Auctions may not yield maximum value for average or less desirable vehicles, as they might be overlooked or undervalued by potential buyers.

Fees: Auctioneer fees reduce the final proceeds compared to selling directly, potentially eroding the financial benefit, especially for less valuable cars.

Risk of Undervaluation: Depending on the auction dynamics, there’s a risk that bids may not reach the expected market value, particularly for niche or less popular models.

Condition Transparency: Auctions may not allow potential buyers to inspect the vehicle thoroughly, potentially leading to misunderstandings or disputes post-sale.

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