How Much Is My Scrap Car Worth In Western Australia?

Posted on 07th, May 24

Are you thinking of scrapping your old or damaged vehicle in Western Australia and curious about the potential cash value? In this comprehensive guide, we explain the factors influencing scrap car payouts in Western Australia, ensuring you know the facts and obtain the best possible value for your car.

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How Much Is My Scrap Car Worth in Western Australia?

  • Cars: Expect cash offers ranging from $200 to $7000.
  • Vans, utes & 4WDs: Values can vary between $250 and $10000.
  • Trucks: Cash payouts typically range from $450 to $15000.


Scrap car valuations depend on a range of factors that vary from car to car, so it’s best to ask our car buying team for an exact quote.

Factors Affecting The Price Of My Scrap Car

1. Vehicle Condition

The condition of your car plays a significant part in determining its scrap value. Factors such as whether it’s running, the amount of damage, rust, and missing or damaged parts all have an impact on price. A well-maintained car with minimal damage and functioning parts will get a higher price compared to one that’s heavily damaged or non-running.

2. Make, Model, and Year

The make, model, and year also play a role in determining the overall value of your vehicle. Some models are from well-known brands popular and have good reputations, popular models with high demand for used parts fetch better prices in the market.

3. Current Scrap Metal Prices

As most of a car is made up of valuable metals, the scrap metal market prices can influence the worth of a scrap car. A car is made of various metals including steel, aluminium, copper, platinum and more. Higher scrap metal prices translate to better cash offers. you can get an estimate for the scrap metal value of your car by using a scrap metal calculator online.

4. Weight & Type Of Vehicle

Heavier vehicles such as vans and trucks contain more scrap metal, thus they are worth more due to the increased recyclable material they contain.

5. Mileage

The number of kilometers on the odometer is a direct indicator of the car’s usage and can help estimate the level of mechanical stress and wear and tear on key parts such as the transmission, engine and brakes. The higher the mileage the less you scrap car will be worth.

The Impact Of Scrap Metal Prices On Your Car

The market price for scrap metal fluctuates and directly affects how much you can get for your scrap car, these values fluctuate regularly so we recommend checking price information before requesting a quote from wreckers. Higher scrap metal prices mean you can get more money for your vehicle.

How Much Scrap Metal Is in a Car?

Vehicles are mostly made up of metal parts that can be sold as scrap. In fact, 65% of your car consists of metal, and the best parts to sell as scrap metal include the catalytic converter, rims, panels, frames, and engines. These parts are made of metals like steel, copper, brass, platinum, and palladium, all of which you can sell to recyclers for money.

The scrap metal alone could amount to hundreds of dollars.However, be mindful that scrap metal prices fluctuate daily, so take that as a ballpark figure.

How Can IĀ  Get A Valuation For My Scrap Car?

Yes! While you can go online and use a “scrap car calculator” that will automatically give you a valuation estimate based on a few details, nothing beats a quote from a real human. That’s why we recommend giving us a call and getting an on the spot quote based on our years of car buying experience. Our team is always ready to pick up the phone and answer any questions you might have about our valuations.

Why Choose Us For Scrap Car Removal in Western Australia?

At Perth Car Buyer we not only look at the scrap metal value of your car, but also the value of the working parts to give your even more cash. We are your trusted partner for scrap car removal, offering:

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Don’t settle for less! Contact us today and turn your scrap car into cash in Western Australia.

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