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    When the time comes to part ways with your aging car and it is either old or no longer running, choosing a buyer that will pay a fair sum of cash for it can be more difficult than it should be. At Cash For Car Buyer, we see value in every car, regardless of its condition, and are committed to offering you a fair price based on its salvageable parts. For a free quote call us on: 0418 532 25

    Sell Your Car For Parts – Any Condition

    Whether your car is non-running, written off, or just seen better days, we guarantee top-dollar payment because we go the extra mile to salvage the parts for resale. The continuous demand in the Perth used parts market ensures plenty of value for your old car.

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    Get up to $9999 for your car!

    Dedicated Buyers Of Cars For Parts In Perth

    Are you looking to make some extra money from your scrap car in Perth? That’s where we come in as your trusted car-for-parts buyer, offering a quality experience and competitive quotes.

    As the top car buyer in Perth, our team ensures the highest payout for your vehicle, considering a variety of factors beyond just the condition and mileage. Our quotes come with no pressure to accept, as we are confident in delivering the best cash-for-car offers. To avoid unnecessary haggling we give our best price upfront, making the whole car-selling process quick and easy for you.

    Our Process for Cars Sold To Us For Parts

    1. Our skilled mechanics manage the safe disposal of hazardous fluids like transmission fluids, motor oils, and batteries before carefully dismantling your car.
    2. Any parts that are still in good condition are salvaged and all other parts are responsibly recycled.
    3. Salvageable parts are reconditioned and offered for resale adding to the cash that we can give you for your car.

    Areas In Perth That We Buy Cars For Parts From

    Our car-for-parts buying service covers Greater Perth, ensuring you can effortlessly sell your car for cash, with free car removal available in various regions, including:

    Is There Demand For Cars Sold For Parts?

    Absolutely! Many wreckers such as Perth Car Buyer create strong demand for old cars whose parts are expertly recovered for resale. Our team are experts in efficiently scrapping of cars for parts and therefore able to give you the maximum cash for your car.

    Cars have many valuable parts that can be recovered such as the engine, transmission system, car doors and bumpers, that are then resold. If parts are not in working condition, they can still be recycled due to their scrap metal content or otherwise disposed of responsibly.

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    Ready to sell your car for parts and make a profit? Call us at 0418 532 275 or submit an online inquiry for a quote today. Sell your in Perth today and turn your old vehicle into cash today!