How To Sell Your Car On Facebook Marketplace Australia

Posted on 06th, Mar 24

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is an online platform connecting vehicle buyers and sellers, allowing users to browse through listings of new and used cars, among other other goods. Facebook has over 16 million Australian monthly users, many of whom use Marketplace. With numerous car buyers, it makes selling a car super easy.

Pros of Using Facebook Car Marketplace

Easy Buying and Selling: Easily create listings with easy options to upload photos and have car details prefilled

User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s straightforward format simplifies the listing process.

Free Listings: No commission fees, it’s completely free to create a car advertisement.

Easy To Get Started: If you already have a Facebook account, you can start using Marketplace from your existing account right away

Cons of Facebook Car Marketplace

Safety Concerns: As there is no user verification required for buyers, there’s the potential to be scammed or harmed during the transaction

No Buyer Protection: Lack of guaranteed buyer or seller protection in the event of disputes, you’ll have to take responsibility for any losses that occur

No Shipping Support In Australia: A the time of publishing, buyers and sellers need to arrange for shipping outside of Facebook in Australia

More Time Wasters: As anyone can use Facebook Marketplace, it also means that it attracts a lot of non-serious buyers. This is confirmed by numerous users on Reddit that report having to deal with many lowballers and non-responsive buyers.

How to Sell on Facebook Car Marketplace in Australia

1. Log in or Create an Account: Login to your Facebook account or create a new one if you don’t already have one.

2. Select the Marketplace: Locate the Marketplace option on the left side of the screen on desktop or the top right(Android) or bottom right(Iphone) in the mobile app under ‘menu’.

facebook marketplace icon

3. Start Listing: Click on “New Listing,” choose “Vehicles,” and add basic information about your car, Facebook will fill out the rest of the details. You can also add a detailed description of your car.

4. Publish Your Listing: Hit the ‘publish’ option, you can also share your listing with friends and additional Facebook groups for increased reach.

Tips for Selling Cars on Facebook Marketplace

By following these tips you can ensure a higher sale price for your car:

Take High-Quality Pictures: Use clear, high-quality images, that clearly show the car’s interior and exterior, to attract potential buyers. Ensure that the background is free from distractions

high quality facebook marketplace picture of a car

Detailed Descriptions: Provide detailed descriptions, including the features of the car and any notable information such as accident history or damage. It’s better to be honest upfront, rather than the buyer finding out afterwards. But of course focus on highlighting the positives of your car, avoiding dwelling on any issues.


  • The car’s condition and mileage
  • Any modifications or aftermarket parts
  • Service history: Include any work done on specific parts
  • Accident history: Provide brief details and repairs carried out
  • Warranty details (if applicable)
  • Safety Rating

Write An Eye-catching Title: Be sure to include the most attractive features of your car in the title of the listing as it’s the first thing that potential buyers see.

Monitor Your Inbox: Interested buyers will message you via Facebook so ensure that you reply in a reasonable time to avoid missing out on offers.

Set The Right Price: Setting a price too high can mean that your listing gets no clicks at all, whereas a price that is too low will mean that your inbox is flooded with offers. Choosing the right price can make the selling experience much easier. You can use free online tools such as Redbook to get an estimation of what your car is worth.

Boost the Listing: You can also use the ‘Boost Listing’ feature to increase the visibility by setting a budget and duration you want your ad to run for. However, this is completely optional.

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Why are cars cheaper on Facebook Marketplace?

Engaging in private car sales carries additional risks such as negotiations, paperwork, and inspections that are solely incurred by the buyer. These increased risks are factored into the selling price that you can expect. As well as this Facebook marketplace is known as a place where people are looking for bargains and less willing to pay for pricier cars, thus price expectations should be adjusted accordingly.

Is it free to sell you car on Facebook Marketplace? 

Yes, there are no fees or commissions to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Is shipping offered on Facebook Marketplace Australia? 

No, in Australia there is no official shipping functionality and shipping must be arranged outside of the app.

Can I sell an old or damaged car on Facebook Marketplace? 

Yes it’s possible, however, this will turn off potential buyers meaning that you’ll have to offer a significant discount or wait a long time to sell it. in this case it’s best to sell to a cash for cars service such as Perth Car Buyer, who accepts cars in all conditions.

How long does it take to sell a car on Facebook Marketplace? 

It can take a few days to several months to sell your car, depending on a variety of factors including make, model any condition. However one of the key factors is the price of your car as buyers will often go for the cheapest option.

How do I avoid car buying scams? 

A legitimate buyer will never ask you to pay them or a 3rd party any money to complete the transaction. If they are requesting payment it is most likely a scam. As well as this make sure you take your time during the sales process and meet the buyer in person. Remember if it’s too good to be true than it most likely is.

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