How To Transfer Vehicle Ownership When Selling A Car WA

Posted on 21th, Mar 24

Transferring car ownership in Western Australia can be a challenging task, especially if it’s your first time. When you’re looking to sell your car to a new owner, understanding the proper legal requirements is crucial. This guide will explain the whole process, covering the necessary paperwork, legal requirements and costs for a smooth ownership transfer.

There are 2 main options when it comes to transferring a vehicle. You can transfer your vehicle either online via DoTDirect or by submitting a form in person or through the mail.

Transferring Your Car

Online Transfer via DoTDirect

If you have a DoTDirect online account, you can conveniently transfer vehicles online without handing in any forms in person.

To transfer a vehicle, log into your DoTDirect Online Account and follow the prompts. You’ll need the buyer’s driver’s license number and surname for the transfer process. Certain vehicles are ineligible for online transfer including:

  • Vehicles transferred between spouses or de facto partners
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Those with optional plates
  • Vehicles part of a court order or deceased estate to be jointly owned
  • Vehicles transferring to or from a company/organization.

Make sure that the buyer receives the vehicle license document (registration papers) along with any other necessary documentation. You can obtain a copy of the vehicle license document online through your DoTDirect account.

Transfer Via Paper Form Submission

If online transfer is not possible, you can transfer the vehicle by submitting a Notification of Change of Ownership Vehicle Licence Transfer (MR9) form. Follow the steps below.

1. Obtain the form: You can download the Notification of Change of Ownership (Form MR9) here, or obtain it from a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional Agent.

2. Fill out the form: Both the seller and buyer must fill out the MR9 transfer form together at the time of sale. Ensure all required information is provided, including the declaration at the bottom of the form.

3. Give the buyer a copy: Give the buyer the ‘Purchaser’s copy’ (red) to complete and any other relevant documents.

If you have a DoTDirect account, you can purchase a copy of the vehicle licence document online. If applicable, make sure the government immobiliser is fitted and inform the buyer.

Note: If the vehicle you’re selling has a concession, ensure you inform the buyer about it. Buyers need to restore the vehicle license to full rates before driving it on the road. Until the license is restored, it will be invalid, and the new owner won’t be authorized to drive the vehicle, which violates the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012 (WA).

4: Sent to DOT: Mail the ‘seller’s copy’ of the form to the Department of Transport within 7 days of the vehicle sale. You can also keep a copy of the form for your records.

Transfer Fees

When transferring your vehicle there are 2 fees you need to pay outlined below.

Vehicle transfer fee: $20.40

Vehicle transfer duty: Varies based on Dutiable Value (market value), you can use this calculator to determine the value.


Is there a deadline for completing the transfer forms? 

Yes, you and the buyer need to complete and submit the transfer forms within seven days of selling to avoid penalties.

Can the buyer and seller use different transfer methods? 

Yes, the seller and buyer can choose different transfer methods; for instance, the seller may transfer online while the buyer submits a paper form.

What if I’m selling interstate? 

Selling a WA licensed vehicle to an interstate buyer requires de-licensing the vehicle by returning the plates to DOT (Department Of Transport), you can also claim a refund on the remaining license duration.

Alternatively you can re-license the car in the new state before the sale, which will automatically cancel the WA license.

The interstate buyer cannot claim a refund for a WA vehicle license. Once sold and re-licensed in another state, a refund cannot be claimed so make sure you return the plates before this to get your refund.

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