Top 8 Auto Auction Sites In Australia For Buying & Selling

Posted on 14th, Jun 24

If you’re looking for the best auto auction websites in Australia, we’ve written a comprehensive guide to help you find top platforms offering both online and live auctions on a wide variety of vehicles including unregistered cars. These sites are not only popular among buyers but also provide the opportunity to sell your car at auction, should you want to take the chance.

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1. Pickles

Pickles is a leading player in the Australian auto auction market, with over 228,000 cars sold last financial year. They offer a variety of ex-lease, fleet, repossessed, and government vehicles. Their online bidding system and app provide a seamless experience, though access to live auctions is limited, so you’ll have to rely on their condition reports to assess auction vehicles.

Additionally, a few buyers have mentioned that the quality of the condition reports can vary, sometimes lacking in detailed descriptions or photos showingthe vehicles’ actual state . Despite these criticisms, Pickles remains a popular and well respected option for anyone looking to buy or sell their car at auction.


User-friendly online bidding system with mobile app for on the go bidding

High volume of sales ensures a plenty of new cars every day in a variety of conditions

Good customer service and transaction speed according to reviews


According to customers buyer fees are significantly higher than other auctions sites

Condition reports need to be relied upon without physical inspection in live auctions

PIckles website

2. Manheim

Manheim (formerly Fowles) is another veteran in the industry, known for their wide range of vehicles including ex-lease, fleet, and repossessed cars. They have adapted to online auctions, offering a user-friendly app for on-the-go bidding.


Extensive range of vehicles

Established reputation in the market

Convenient mobile app


Reviews report poor customer service and misleading vehicle reports that are light on details

Some vehicles may have high reserve prices

Limited ability to inspect vehicles in person

“Buy now” vehicles tend to be priced higher than at car dealers

Manheim website

3. Grays Online

Grays Online offers an eBay-style auction platform, focusing on online-only auctions. They allow bidders to check and start vehicles on-site, though the quality of vehicles can vary due to minimal condition reports. Fees generally range between 5%-7%.


Convenient online-only platform

Lower fees compared to some competitors

On-site vehicle inspection available


Variable vehicle quality

Reviews point out poor customer service and issues with the bidding process

Limited payment options for lower-value purchases

Grays Auction website

4. Lloyds Auctions

Lloyds Auctions specializes in classic, sports, and collector cars. They emphasize transparency in their fee structure, and their online auctions end with a live final bid, adding excitement to the process.


Specialty in classic, luxury and collector cars

Transparent fee structure

Exciting live final bid process


Higher fees and technical issues with the online bidding process

Niche, luxury market focus may not suite to buyers looking for cheaper options

Numerous reviews stated poor customer service experience

Lloyds Auctions website

5. Auto Auction Sydney

Auto Auction Sydney provides a wide selection of vehicles ranging from hatchbacks to premium SUVs. They hold live auctions with simulcast options, allowing for real-time online bidding. Their vehicle inspection recommendations ensure buyers get accurate descriptions.


Wide variety of vehicle types

Real-time online bidding with Facetime vehicle inspections prior to auction

Good customer service from sales team according to reviews


Auction schedule can be hard to track

Live auctions limited to Sydney region

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Auto Auctions Sydney


CARBIDS is an online auction house that offers a variety of vehicles. Known for their extensive listings and user-friendly interface, they cater to both private buyers and dealers looking for reliable vehicles.


Extensive car listings

User-friendly platform

Positive experiences from customers based on reviews

In-person inspection of vehicles is allowed


Mixed quality of listings

Primarily online with limited live auctions

Carbids website

7. Slattery Auctions

Slattery Auctions is renowned for their wide range of consumer and commercial vehicles. They provide detailed listings and photos, ensuring buyers have all the necessary information before placing a bid.


Detailed listings

Wide range of commercial vehicles

Clear photos and descriptions


Focus on commercial vehicles may not appeal to buyers looking for consumer vehicles

Some auctions may have high reserve prices

Mixed customer service experiences based on reviews

Slattery auctions website

8. City Motor Auction Group

City Motor Auction Group offers a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They are known for their competitive pricing and regular auction events, attracting a large number of bidders.


Customers noted that selling their car was a quick and easy process

Dedicated staff that go above and beyond for customers

Regular auction events with Simulcast


❌ Some cars on auction are priced higher compared to car dealers

❌ Potentially higher fees for premium listings

City Motor Auction website

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