3 Ways To Sell A Car With Engine Issues In Australia

Posted on 23th, May 24

So you’re faced with a blown engine or any variety of engine issues and you’re thinking of selling you car. Sell a car with mechanical issues let alone a blown engine in Australia is hard enough, but with the right strategy, you can still get a good deal. Below are 3 ways you can sell your damaged car and factors that you should consider before selling.

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1. Sell It To A Cash For Cars Wrecker

Of course as a wrecker, we would recommend you sell your engine issue cars to us. But here are a few solid reasons why we are the best solution.

At Perth Car Buyer, we purchase all types of cars regardless of make, model, condition, or year. Regardless of the damage or mechanical issues we will happily buy your car from you and remove it free of charge.

With a wrecker like Perth Car Buyer you can benefit from:

💵 Best Cash Prices: We pay the highest cash price for your car, even if it has mechanical issues or severe damage.

🚗Free Towing Service: Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our complimentary towing service. We take away your old car at no extra cost.

🧑‍🔧Fair Vehicle Assessment: Our car evaluation process is thorough and completely transparent. No matter how old your car is or its condition, we make sure to give you cash for what its really worth. Even though your car’s engine is not up to scratch, we’ll still consider the scrap metal value of the rest of your car plus any parts that are still working. That’s why we can offer better prices than anyone else!

How It Works

  1. Get a Quote: Call us or fill out our online form to get an instant cash offer.
  2. Free Towing: We provide free towing, so you don’t have to worry about transport.
  3. Get Paid: Receive the best cash price for your car on the spot or into your bank account.

Sell your car with confidence to Perth Car Buyer and experience the easiest way to turn your engine issue vehicle into cash. Give us a call or fill out our online form today.

2. Sell It To Private Buyers

Another option is selling to a private buyer by using online platforms like Gumtree, Carsales, and Facebook Marketplace. The main reason people go down this route is so they can achieve a higher selling price. The only issues is that now you have to do all the work of responding to inquiries, arranging test drives, and negotiation with potential buyers.

The worst part is that you’ll get a low of buyers offering very low prices because of your car’s engine issues. All of this adds to the time and effort required to actually get the cash you want for your car. It could even cost you more due to listing and advertising fees on some platforms.

When you sell to a wrecker you can easily save yourself the hassle, and get your cash faster.

3. Sell It To Car Dealers

You could also try selling to a car dealer. However, when selling a car with mechanical or engine issues, car dealers will offer well below market prices due to the cost and effort required to repair and resell the vehicle. In some cases they may not even take the car because of the hassle involved.

Additionally, selling  your car at a dealer can be a high-pressure experience, as dealers may push you to trade in your vehicle for a new one instead of just selling your car for cash. We understand that some customers are just looking to get rid of their car and nothing else, which is why our wrecking service is 100% dedicated to buying cars and not selling them to you.

Should I Sell My Car If It Has A Blown Engine?

If you are not familiar with cars, it’s best to get a professional mechanic to evaluate the extent of the engine damage and provide a comprehensive report.  But as a starting point you should consider these factors:

  • Engine Condition: Determine if the engine is completely blown or if some if it can still be repaired without compromising passenger safety
  • Repair Costs: Estimate the cost of replacing or repairing the engine, if this cost is 50-70% or more of the current value of the car it’s better to write it off and buy a new car.
  • Condition and Age: The overall condition and age of the car should also be taken into condition. Even if the cost of repairs is financially worth it, if your car is very old or damaged in other aspects, you could also benefit from selling it and buying a new car with the latest features

How Much Can I Get For My Car If It Has Engine Issues?

Setting a realistic price is essential when it comes to getting it sold. There are a number of online valuation tools that you can use to get a rough idea including Redbook. You’ll also need to take into consideration the make, model, year model and extent of the damage.

According to our sales data you can expect anywhere from $200-$999 for a car with engine damage when selling to a wrecker.

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