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    Looking for reliable wreckers in Armadale? Perth Car Buyer is your trusted car wrecking service, offering top cash offers and free car removal. With over a decade of expertise, we help you wreck and dispose of your old car effortlessly. We are based locally in Kelmscott, so we can quickly and easy reach you wherever you are in Perth!

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    Why Choose Armadale Wreckers?

    💵 Get Up to $9999 for Your Car In Armadale

    Receive a quick cash offer ranging from $200 to $9999 for old, damaged, and wrecked cars of all makes and models. Our friendly and certified team of wrecking professionals are always ready to offer you a top cash deal. That’s why we’re the trusted choice for wrecking and car removal in Armadale.

    🛻 We Buy More Than Just Cars

    We don’t just purchase cars. Our wrecking service extends to trucks, vans, utes, and 4x4s. We give more cash for larger vehicles due to their higher scrap metal content, ensuring you get the best possible return for your vehicle.

    ➡️ No Middlemen

    Unlike car dealers and other car buying services in Aarmadale, we purchase directly from you. This means no fees, commissions, or added complications. You’ll receive the highest possible value for your vehicle, maximising your cash return.

    💵 Instant Cash Offer

    Once we perform an evaluation, we offer an instant and competitive cash amount, which is highly competitive to other Perth car buying services. Once your car is removed and could get money in your account within the same day. 

    Our Expert Armadale Car Wrecking Team

    Our car wrecking team ensures the best possible price for your vehicle. We consider all factors, including make, model, condition, and salvageable parts, to provide a fair and competitive cash deal. Even if your car is old or completely wrecked, our valuation team will offer a fair price. Our team is always happy to explain how we calculate our quotes and answer any questions you might have.

    Suburbs We Service in Armadale

    We wreck cars in all Suburbs in the Armadale region, including but not limited to:

    As long as your vehicle is located inside or around Perth, we’ll have you covered!

    Should I Sell My Damaged Car In Armadale?

    When deciding whether to repair or sell your car, consider factors such as the availability and cost of spare parts, the age of the vehicle, and safety concerns related to any damage. If the repair costs exceed 50% of the vehicle’s total value, it is generally considered a write-off, and selling it is often more cost-effective than proceeding with expensive repairs.

    Another reason that Armadale residents may consider selling their car is if the car has been in storage for an extended period of time. In this case selling it can can easily free up space for other uses.

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    Experience some of the highest cash returns for wrecking your car in Armadale. Sell your unwanted vehicles for instant cash with Armadale Wreckers. Call us at 0487 000 600 or fill out our online form for a speedy response!